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2012 in Review: Tech


2012 has been a monumental year in technology. This year we’ve watched Facebook truly realize the complete “American Dream,” as it went through with an IPO that valued the social network at $90 billion in May,  lost 47 percent of its value in 94 days, and subsequently began a slow ascent back to respectability. The Internet rallied its voice and defeated major legislation across the globe, including SOPA and PIPA that attempted to regulate the Internet. Major gadgets were released, including the Nexus 7, iPad mini, Microsoft Surface and iPhone 5. Copyright and patent laws around the world were put to the test as Apple and Android OEMs embarked on a game of ‘who can file lawsuits against each other in the most countries,’ with Samsung arising as the first victim of the lawsuits to the tune of $1 billion, which of course is being appealed.

All in all, it was a very eventful year in tech. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights.

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Weekend Laugh At Tech: Sparrow & Google

From the guys at Boing Boing

Google announced yesterday that it has acquired Sparrow, the OS X email app much-loved for its uncluttered layout and minimal user experience. This how-to will help get you ready for all the enhancements and developments to come as Sparrow is integrated into Gmail.

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Sparrow confirms iPad app coming soon

Sparrow, makers of the popular Mac and iPhone email application of the same name, confirmed via. Twitter today that an official iPad version of their app is in the works. Sparrow for iPad is “coming soon”, and interested parties can sign up for more information on Sparrow’s iPad landing page.

Sparrow is described as “minimal mail”, providing users with a simplistic email interface. The app has been praised for its complete integration of Gmail features like Stars and Labels, something which no other native email client for Mac or iPhone has done. Sparrow for iPhone launched back in March to much fanfare, with various news outlets and journalists calling it the best alternative mail app for iPhone.

Fans of Sparrow for Mac and iPhone are surely excited at the prospect of an iPad optimized version of the app, as are we! We’ll bring you more details on Sparrow for iPad as soon as they are available!