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Inside Pocket: how a startup beat its rivals to build the ‘DVR for everything’

Casey Newton, The Verge

It was April 22nd, 2011. Weeks before, an executive at the remember-everything service Evernote had contacted him out of the blue with an offer to acquire Read It Later, now known as Pocket, which Weiner began building in 2007. What started as a Firefox extension designed to save articles he didn’t have time to read had become, to Weiner’s own surprise, an actual business: More than 3 million users at the time of the meeting, many of whom paid to download its apps for iOS and Android.

An interesting retrospective of Read It Later’s birth, near acquisition by Evernote, and transformation into Pocket. I’m a huge fan of Pocket, and I’ll be watching to see how the team plans to monetize their product over the next few years.