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The Return of Myspace: Entertainment Meets Social… Again.

Alright, folks! Dust off your web browsers and let’s all journey back a few years, when the wide open spaces of the Internet were dominated by a well known name—Myspace. Generation Y’s old friend is coming back, sporting a fresh new look brought to you by the new king of pop, Justin Timberlake.

The long lost social network, which Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. offloaded earlier this year for $35 million, recently introduced a completely rethought and redesigned website. So far all we’ve seen is a brief video tour, while a landing page has been launched where interested users can sign up for a beta invite.

From what we’ve seen so far, the new Myspace will still be centered around music; a sort of social Spotify. The new HTML5 design looks fantastic, and is responsive to all modern browsers, tablets, and smartphones. The new design has been compared to Microsoft’s Windows 8 UI, formerly known as Metro, with a fullscreen background image reminiscent of a desktop background. Some have compared it to the Pinterest homepage, styled in a grid-like pattern devoid of clutter.

As with the current Myspace, users will be able to log in with their existing Facebook account, and connect with other services like YouTube and Twitter. By leveraging the existing user base of their largest rival, Myspace will hopefully be able to attract users to their redesigned service, if only to check it out.

In the current mobile-first landscape of social networking, Myspace must update their apps to reflect the new desktop experience. They certainly can’t afford to fall behind in today’s realm of rapid mobile adoption. It looks like Justin Timberlake and the Myspace team are taking a big gamble on this one, which very well might pay off. Instead of trying to overthrow social giants Facebook and Twitter, Myspace is trying to get back to their roots of creating a direct and intimate relationship between musicians and their listeners. Check out ABC’s interview with MySpace CEO Tim Vanderhook, entitled “There is No Point To Compete with Facebook and Twitter“, and if you’re interested, you can pre-register for the new Myspace right now. Public invites will start going out before the end of the year.

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

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