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Welcome to Mogadishu

Katrina Manson, Financial Times

Somalia is still ranked the world’s most troubled state: the country hasn’t held a civilian election in 44 years. Twenty months ago, thousands of UN-backed African troops won a breakthrough when they dislodged al-Shabaab from control in Mogadishu and a new government hankers after stability. But the UN says the effort has cost the lives of 3,000 troops in six years. I have come here to see the consequences of that hard-won fight, and whether tentative recovery can restore a country battered by dictatorship, warlordism and jihad.

The world’s most dangerous city, Mogadishu, is still a hotbed and safe haven for a plethora of terrorism groups. Katrina Manson ventured in to the dangerous land that is Somalia to report what, if anything, has changed over the last few months, after the UN-backed troops entered the country.