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LensMag by Carson

The Carson LensMag for iPhone 5 is a great addition for any iPhone photographer. For the past week, I’ve been given the chance to take some amazing photographs with the LensMag. Of course, the iPhone camera by itself is good, but these lenses bring out the finer details in small objects such as a penny, or even a grain of salt. The LensMag accomplishes this with the 10x and 15x zoom lenses that attach to the back of your iPhone 5.

Imagine a magnifying glass attached to your iPhone. Unlike other lenses, the LensMag is magnetic and easily attaches to the rim and back aluminum of your iPhone 5. The zero-hassle approach is great. LensMag is light, and your phone remains balanced while taking photos. My only side note is a lens like this requires a tremendously steady hand, or for the object to be laying on a hard surface.

The LensMag is available for $19. If you use your iPhone for photography, this is a great addition to bring the everyday items we see into a different light.