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Evomail+ 2.0.1 update brings iPad support, bug fixes

EvomailPlusiPadFollowing the app’s launch last week, Evomail+ has been updated to version 2.0.1 today. The standout feature of this release is iPad support; though not a dedicated experience – for now the iPad UI is a blown-up version of the iPhone app – the app now runs fullscreen on an iPad, and Evomail believes it still delivers users a “quality experience” for the time being. The company is planning a customized iPad UI for a future update. Furthermore, Evomail says they are busy improving their EvoCloud backend, noting that they’ve added a number of new servers since launch. A good sign that will hopefully help improve their server-side infrastructure, as I noted some issues with EvoCloud in my review last week.

The update also includes your standard bug fixes and other improvements. Evomail+ for iOS 7 is available for free on the App Store.

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Evomail+ for iPhone arrives as a rebuilt, redesigned email client for iOS 7


I think it’s safe to say we all have a love/hate relationship with our email. We either get too much of it to deal with, we hate the way it works, or we hate the app we are forced to use to get it. Personally, I don’t hate email itself, and I usually don’t get very much of it. But like many people, I hate the apps I have to use to get my email. Apple’s on iOS and OS X is barebones, tired, and does not support modern email features like labels and stars. I don’t like web apps, so I refuse to use Gmail, Hotmail, or IMAP in a browser. Google’s Gmail app for Android is pretty good, but their stock “other” Mail app leaves much to be desired. And don’t even get me started on Microsoft Outlook.

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