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Evomail+ 2.0.1 update brings iPad support, bug fixes

EvomailPlusiPadFollowing the app’s launch last week, Evomail+ has been updated to version 2.0.1 today. The standout feature of this release is iPad support; though not a dedicated experience – for now the iPad UI is a blown-up version of the iPhone app – the app now runs fullscreen on an iPad, and Evomail believes it still delivers users a “quality experience” for the time being. The company is planning a customized iPad UI for a future update. Furthermore, Evomail says they are busy improving their EvoCloud backend, noting that they’ve added a number of new servers since launch. A good sign that will hopefully help improve their server-side infrastructure, as I noted some issues with EvoCloud in my review last week.

The update also includes your standard bug fixes and other improvements. Evomail+ for iOS 7 is available for free on the App Store.