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“No, You’re just sensitive. You’re crazy. You’re acting like a baby.”

I’ve written a lot of pieces over the last few years. I’ve written about technology, music, and culture with relative ease. But there is one topic that I couldn’t honestly cover. One topic that my emotions wouldn’t let me tackle. Thankfully, Cord Jefferson of Gawker beautifully and eloquently wrote about the plausible deniability of today’s racism.

The biggest example being Kanye West’s recent spat with Jimmy Kimmel.  That was wrong for a number of reasons, but the worst offense was the dulling of the passionate words Kanye uttered during his BBC interview with Zane Lowe. Kanye using his own circumstances spoke to what many people of color too often go through. Too often we feel something is racist, but maybe we are overreacting? Too often a slight is given, but maybe I’m the only one that sees it this way. Too often, nothing is said by the offending party, but a look is given that could hurt more than the words themselves. Racism has evolved, and in some cases, the offenders don’t even believe they are part of the problem.