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Introducing The Segue


se·gue [seg-way]
to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption.

Today, Micah and I are proud to introduce The Segue, our new weekly podcast covering technology, media, and pop culture. Our first official episode will debut later today, but you can check out our pre-launch Apple event special right now.

We are both very excited to become a part of the podcasting world. The tech podcasting community is a great one, and we were inspired by many of the great shows, personalities, and networks within it to jump in with our own voices. Podcasting is a great way to express thoughts and opinions that may be difficult to articulate in writing, and we plan to use The Segue to do just that.

In our podcast description, we jokingly describe our show as “just like every other tech podcast, except slightly worse.” While we do plan to discuss tech news, we also hope to provide original and thoughtful opinion in our discussions. We don’t want to be just another tech podcast.

Micah and I have been planning The Segue for so long that it’s hard to believe the show is finally live. It has been five months since we first decided to start a podcast together, and we have spent that time meticulously planning every detail of our show. From the name, format, and logo, to what microphones and software we would use, we obsessed over everything. We spent a good three days arguing over what our Twitter handle should be (it is @seguepodcast by the way). We researched, studied, and sought advice from podcasting veterans to learn what it takes to produce a podcast that not only features great opinions, but sounds equally as great.

Beyond consumer technology, our show will cover a wide range of media and pop culture topics, and we plan to invite the occasional guest to join us as well. We are extremely proud of The Segue, and we hope you can stand listening to us ramble for an hour or so every week.

You can find The Segue online at, follow us on Twitter and, and subscribe to the show in iTunes.