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The Couple Behind Odd Future’s Unlikely Empire

Kevin Lincoln, Buzzfeed

Raised in the trenches of the major-label ’90s hip-hop apex, the Clancys learned how the old heads thought, and how the old business worked and didn’t. And when they serendipitously encountered a squad of gifted kids, the rawest of raw material, they took their knowledge of the trade and subverted it and became architects of a new system. They’re building careers, not hits, and by already branching out into filmmaking and commercial production and a brand-consulting company before most of these kids are old enough to so much as buy a six-pack, and before some of them have so much as completed proper albums, they’re bending the industry to fit their artists, not the other way around.

Buzzfeed’s Kevin Lincoln profiles Christian and Kelly Clancy — 42 and 33 respectively — the managers of hip hop’s wildest and most innovative group, Odd Future, which includes R&B superstar Frank Ocean.