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With Apple’s iWatch on the horizon, do Pebble and MetaWatch still matter?

Chris Ziegler, The Verge

I’m nowhere close to recommending either the Pebble or the MetaWatch to friends of mine who aren’t technologically savvy. They’ve been built with too many compromises, too many hastily made design decisions and cut corners. They’re not ready for prime time. Inside nerd circles, though, it’s a wash: both products have big upsides and big downsides. For what it’s worth, both do a reasonably good job — right now, today — of getting vibrating call and text message alerts to your wrist. For me, that’s the big thing.

A great comparison of the two high-profile smartwatches available today. I had the pleasure of reviewing the MetaWatch a few months back, and my Pebble is finally on its way to me. Though I can’t speak to whether or not the Pebble is ready for the mass market (my gut tells me no), I will say that even the least nerdy of my friends and family were impressed by the MetaWatch when I showed it to them. People find it cool that you can get incoming caller ID and text messages sent to your wrist. To most people, their phone is not just a tool, but a fashion statement. Watches and other wearables fit that mold perfectly. People will go nuts picking a style and colour of smartwatch or glasses to wear. I’m convinced that wearables will be a big hit in the gadget world, even outside of non-nerd circles. It’s just a matter of what and when.