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Welcome to CE: The Magazine


When we launched Current Editorials back in 2011, we had one simple task in mind — to write long-form technology pieces that people would enjoy reading. We soon added news coverage and reviews on top of our initial objective, and the outcome and response was far greater than we initially anticipated. We reached and surpassed every goal we placed on ourselves, and accomplished much more than we could have ever hoped for, with what started out as (and still is) a four-man, part-time operation.

Today marks the beginning of the next phase of Current Editorials, a substantial shift into a new model, which we consider our biggest undertaking yet.

Welcome to CE: The Magazine.

CE: The Magazine is the brainchild of myself and Eric Leamen, the product of our shared vision for what publishing in 2013 should look like. Simple, devoid of clutter, and rich with high-quality content. Our new design let’s the words speak for themselves, and eschews the clutter of a traditional blog. The site is fully responsive, providing a consistent and comfortable reading experience regardless of what device you are using.

We have also expanded the scope of our coverage. While we will always be tech-focused, we will no longer exclusively cover technology. Current affairs, culture, media, art, and politics are all on the table. You can expect more long form content, better commentary, more interviews, links to some of the best writing on the web, and best of all, no regurgitated press releases.

As part of the new magazine format, we are offering multiple ways to subscribe to the site. These include traditional methods like RSS and email subscriptions, both of which you will find in the drop-down menu at the top of the site. However, the newest way to subscribe to CE: The Magazine is through our official Flipboard magazine, which will include all of our original, full-length editorial articles, as well as select pieces by some of our favorite writers from across the web.

To match the re-branding of our website, our social media accounts have also been updated. You can follow CE: The Magazine on Twitter at @CETheMagazine, and you can also find us on Tumblr and YouTube.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who read Current Editorials and will continue on with CE: The Magazine. For us this is a labor of love – it’s wonderful to see people sharing and enjoying the content we create. We hope this new direction will allow us to provide you with even more thoughtful, insightful, and sometimes controversial opinions and editorials.

Thank you for sticking with us on this crazy ride.