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Press for Android is One Feature Away From Being The Best News Reader Out There

Press for Android

I’ve been testing Press since its release a few weeks ago, in hopes of writing a full review. I didn’t write a review because I didn’t see the point: Press is the best news reader for Android, and it’s a strong contender for Reeder’s design crown. The interface is minimalist without being stark, and the designers put in just enough features to give power users what they need without overpowering more casual news junkies. It works great on tablets, more than can be said for most Android apps, and syncs with Google Reader.

Press is missing a few features other news readers have—such as automatic podcast downloads—but only one of those is keeping it off of my homescreen. Press, unlike GReader Pro and a few other news readers, doesn’t have an option to cache or automatically open a link to a news story. That doesn’t seem like it would be a big problem, but a good chunk of news sites, such as The Verge, don’t put full posts into their feeds. Opening posts on websites without full posts in their RSS feeds takes not one but two taps, plus whatever amount of time it takes to load the webpage. It’s not much time for one or two posts, but drag it out across one or two hundred… well, that’s when you start to run into problems.

Press is nice, but it until it figures out a way to let me open webpages without swiping around and opening browsers, it’s going to remain a well-designed curiosity, the type of app you open up show off but never really use. Here’s hoping it improves.

Press for Android: Buy