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Windows Phone Has Over 120,000 Apps, Still Playing Catch Up

Over 120,000 apps are available for Windows Phone, Microsoft announced at a press conference today. It shows steady improvement since June, when Microsoft announced over 100,000 applications were available, but Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store still has a long way to go before it catches up with the Google Play Store’s 675,000 programs or the App Store’s 700,000 apps.

Microsoft didn’t announce how many Windows Phone applications are exclusive to specific Windows Phone devices, a problem Windows Phone users have wrestled with. Zynga, for example, just announced that Words with Friends is coming to Windows Phone—but it will only be available on Lumia devices for the first few months.

Microsoft also failed to address quality issues that have plagued Windows Phone since its launch. Some applications, including many from big name publishers, are poor ports of iOS and Android apps that have lost features or stability in the journey across platforms.


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