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The Verizon iPhone 5 Can Do Voice and Data Simultaneously With Apple Maps

Verizon may be holding back the iPhone 5. While seeing how lost I could get following directions given by Apple Maps, I got a call on my Verizon iPhone 5, and shockingly, the navigation continued. After just about every publication under the sun declared that simultaneous voice and data on Verizon and Sprint was all but impossible, I expected the turn-by-turn navigation to cut off as soon as I answered the call. To my surprise, a maps notification popped up, and alerted me to turn in 100 feet.

During the call, my location was continually tracked, with Maps alerting me of every change in direction I needed to make in a pop-up notification. When I went into the Maps app, the call continued, as did the turn-by-turn navigation. I did try to do a web search in Safari, and got the familiar “cellular data connections are not available during this call.” The big question is, why is Verizon allowing simultaneous data and voice with Maps, but not anything else?