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Verizon Will Make Sure You Know About its Network — Even At The Apple Store

Not one to leave anything to chance, Verizon has been heavily promoting its 4G LTE network in its stores, on TV, and online as your best bet when buying the new iPhone 5. But if you think heading to your local Apple Store will allow you to avoid the onslaught of the Big Red promotion machine, you thought wrong.

Our source has provided the documentation that Verizon has been sending to Apple Store employees, to help educate them on, “the only 4G network that is 100% 4G LTE!” It’s no surprise that documents like these are sent to Apple Store employees, and presumably employees at other outlets that are selling the iPhone 5, as AT&T and Verizon (and Sprint! Don’t forget about Sprint!) are battling for the crown of America’s favorite carrier to purchase an iPhone from. What is surprising is that Verizon didn’t go after AT&T and T-Mobile for calling their HSPA+ networks ‘4G,’ and subsequently dubbing their upcoming LTE networks as the same. Seems like an easy target, right? Full documents below.