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Apple Updates OS X Mountain Lion to Version 10.8.2

As had been rumored, Apple released today version 10.8.2 of OS X Mountain Lion. This release coincides with the release of iOS 6 and unifies several features that will allow for a more seamless transition between devices.

The update brings Facebook integration to the Mac for the first time, allowing users to share photos and web pages simply by pressing the now ubiquitous share button within a given application. It also allows for posting a status directly from Notification Center, just as iOS 6 does.

Of interest to many users is the ability to merge a phone number with an iCloud email address. This will allow users to seamlessly send and receive iMessages on a Mac from their regular mobile number, as well as to send and receive FaceTime calls in the same manner.

See Apple’s Support site for a complete listing of all new features.