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Apple Shows Off New Lightning Connector for iPhone 5 and iPods

Image Credit: The Verge

At today’s iPhone 5 announcement event, the world was officially introduced to Apple’s much anticipated next generation of its popular line of smart phones. Along with a redesigned iPhone, the Cupertino, CA company also announced a completely redesigned dock connector which is used to charge the device, connect to third party devices such as speaker docks, as well as to connect to a computer for syncing data.

First introduced as an iPod accessory back in 2003, iPhone dock connector has had quite a long run. It’s unmistakeable shape and 30 pin configuration are iconic in the world of technology and it’s design has remained largely unchanged for 9 years.
The new connector is called Lightening, and it is a radical departure from the 30 pin design from years past. It is significantly smaller than the previous design. At only 20% of the size of the previous generation, Apple says that the reduced size has helped them to be able to make the iPhone 18% than last year’s model, the iPhone 4S.
The Lightening connector is all digital and uses only 8 pins. It’s reversible, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in the wrong way, and according to Apple, it’s more durable than the previous design. It is the new connector for iPods as well, and most likely for future iterations of iPads as well.
Apple has made provisions so that the millions of current dock connector accessories are not rendered obsolete. They are offering a dock connector adapter that will enable you to still use your current accessories.
Look for the new Lightening connector on the iPhone 5. Preorders start on Sept. 14th and the devices ship in Sept. 21st.

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