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New iMacs Reportedly Arriving This Fall

Clayton Morris of Fox News reported this morning that new iMacs are on the way. The most debated rumor surrounding the forthcoming iMac upgrade is whether or not it will include a Retina display, a feature which Morris says he hasn’t heard anything about from his own sources. However, he does cite a recent blog post by Instapaper founder Marco Ament, who has heard that a Retina display will not be included in any iMac upgrade this year.

Morris speculates, “A few things we can count on in the new iMacs are new Ivy Bridge processors, improved graphics chips, USB 3.0, and expanded SSD capacities. Also look for a new slimmer design with Apple finally removing the optical drive from the side”. He cites dwindling supplies of 27″ iMacs as an indicator of the coming upgrade.