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Nokia Faked The Photos Too

Fresh on the heels of the discovery that Nokia used a DSLR camera to fake the promo video for its newly announced Lumia 920 smartphone, is the discovery by Youssef Sarhan that shows Nokia’s still photos to have been faked as well. According to Sarhan, the sparkling effect around the streetlights in the photo above, known as diffractions, are impossible for the Lumia 920’s camera with a fixed aperture of f/2 to capture and would require a camera with a smaller aperture  such as f/22.

For further damning evidence, one need look no further than the image (below), which was shared by a Hacker News user under the alias exDM69. The photo was captured during the actual photo shoot and reveals the plethora of photographic equipment that was present to enhance the images. If you look all the way to the left side of the photo just above center, you can make out what appears to be the lens of a DSLR camera.