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Amazon announces Kindle Paperwhite, refreshed $69 Kindle

Image Credit: Engadget

During a press conference in a southern California hangar, Amazon announced a brand new addition to the Kindle line, the Kindle Paperwhite. With new display technology that Amazon ‘invented’ the front-lit Kindle Paperwhite comes with 25 percent more contrast and 62 percent more pixels than your average Kindle. That all adds up to 212ppi, significantly better than its predecessors. The Kindle Paperwhite has an eight week battery life, and will also come in a free-3G variation.

The Kindle Paperwhite, which comes in at 9.1mm thick, is available to order today, and will ship on October 1st at $119, with the 3G version coming in at $179.

Amazon also announced a refresh to the $79 Kindle, with new fonts, crisper text, and 15 percent faster page turns. Amazon has dropped the price of the entry-level Kindle to $69, which is available to order today. The kindle will ship on September 14th.


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