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iPhone 5 Cases Appear In AT&T Inventory

BGR reported today that cases for the iPhone 5 are already showing up in its inventories despite the fact that there will not be a formal announcement about the highly anticipated smartphone until Sept. 12. Sources within AT&T have confirmed that photographs of two different types of elongated iPhone cases made by case manufacturer iLuv, are already in their company system. One of them is a wallet style case with slots to hold credit cards, while the other model depicts the Peanuts character, Snoopy listening to headphones while rollerskating. Yeah, you just read that correctly.

In addition to the cases, AT&T has an iPhone 5 screen protector film as well, which begs the question…Do you REALLY need a screen protector on your iPhone. Is it worth the sacrifice in user experience?  I’m just going to leave that right there.

Let’s not forget that shortly before the launch of the iPhone 4S, cases utilizing the infamous “tear drop” case design were popping up all over the place since case manufacturers were hedging their bets based on false leaked parts and shoddy rumors. It’s worth noting that the leaks seem more substantiated this time around, and there certainly seem to be more of them. Only time will tell if the pictures that we have been seeing are real. There’s always the chance that Tim Cook puts the Troll Face meme on the big screen and reveals something completely different.

In short, if Snoopy cases and screen protectors are your thing, it looks like AT&T has you covered.