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The Apple vs. Samsung Verdict: Apple wins, Samsung owes over $1 billion in damages

A final verdict has been reached in the Apple vs. Samsung patent case, and the jury has, for the most part, ruled in favor of Apple.

On the matter of the disputed software patents, the jury had to look at a number of Samsung devices and determine whether or not they were infringing. The jury found that most of Samsung’s devices do infringe Apple’s software patents, including snap-back, pinch-to-zoom, and scroll-to-zoom, though a handful of devices were found to be non infringing. Making matters even worse, the jury determined that Samsung willfully infringed some of these patents, which could lead to an even larger payout for Apple when all is said and done. While Samsung tried to argue the validity of some of Apple’s patents, the jury found none of Apple’s patents to be invalid.

Looking at hardware, the jury found Samsung guilty of infringing 3 of Apple’s iPhone design patents, as well as diluting the “trade dress” of the iPhone 3G. Trade dress is a legal term that refers to the connection between the design of a product and the consumers’ perception of the company that made it. Essentially, the jury found that the iPhone design was made less iconic due to the existence of similar looking Samsung phones. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not, according to the jury, infringe Apple’s iPad design patent, nor did it dilute the iPad’s trade dress.

For their violations, the jury determined that Samsung owes Apple over $1 billion in damages – $1,049,343,540, to be precise.

Samsung’s claims against Apple were not well received by the jury: they ruled that Apple’s iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 do not infringe on any of Samsung’s patents, and therefore Apple does not owe Samsung anything in damages.

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Live Updates (Ended):

6:45 PM EST: Jury has ruled for specific devices; some infringe, others don’t. The gist: the majority of Samsung’s devices were found to infringe all three of Apple’s software patents.

6:42 PM EST: Nilay Patel explains: “All Samsung devices infringe the 381 scrollback patent.”

6:40 PM EST: Here we go! Juror Ms. Parker-Brown is reading the verdict. Jury finds that Samsung DID infringe Apple’s patents!

6:36 PM EST: The jury is now entering the courtroom.

6:33 PM EST: Judge Koh is reading over a document. Unclear if that document is the verdict form or not. The Verge is saying that the document does appear to be the verdict form.

6:27 PM EST: Judge Koh is going to take a quick look at the verdict form to make sure everything is in order. She says if she finds obvious inconsistencies, she will “send them back”.

6:22 PM EST: Judge Koh has granted Samsung’s request for 30 minutes to review the verdict, saying “I think that makes sense.” Also, Judge Koh has not yet seen the verdict herself.

6:21 PM EST: Judge Koh has entered the courtroom… this is it.

6:19 PM EST: As Nilay Patel over at The Verge points out, the fact that a decision was reached so quickly is surprising. This was a complex case, and some 700+ decisions had to be made by the jury in order to arrive at a final verdict.

6:10 PM EST: All of the press and legal teams are seated in the courtroom. Waiting for Judge Koh and the jury to arrive.

Source: The Verge


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