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Weekend Laugh At Tech: Headphones Made For A Cat

Yes, you read the headline correctly in saying that this weekend’s laugh at tech comes to us from Tecca about a pair of headphones to set you and none other than your favorite feline back a few. Ridiculous luxury items are all around us when it comes to technology. Just go by your local store and browse at the many ways to accessorize your life. For most, it’s bad enough a pair of Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones will make you, a human, squirm paying $350. Now, the folks over at SOL Republic are on a mission to create incredible music experiences for humans and felines alike. It is pleasing to note that these funds will solely be donated to the ASPCA. Nevertheless, someone lease go back in time and tell the ancient Egyptians to be proud their favorite Felis catus are still held in such reverence.

According to SOL Republic, “Only 10 of these exclusive cat headphones have been created making them highly sought after by felines the world over. They are perfect for furry music lovers who want to block out the annoying sound of dogs and humans, while looking like the stylish cat in town.

SOL Republic, I thank you. Now, our cats can live in tune.


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