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Multiple sites confirm new iPhone unveiling set for September 12th

Image Credit: iLab Factory

Apple’s next iPhone is set to be unveiled at a special event on Wednesday, September 12th, according to a report published this morning by iMore. iMore’s sources, who have “proven accurate in the past”, also say the device will launch the following Friday, September 21st, just 9 days after its unveiling.

The September 12th event has since been independently confirmed by AllThingsD, The Verge, and Jim Dalrymple of The Loop. Though no one can say for certain what will be announced at the event, the iPhone is due for an update this Fall, and numerous part leaks have hit the web recently suggesting a new model is imminent. Furthermore, AllThingsD points to a recent jump in Apple’s prepayment for inventory components, indicating that the company is preparing for a big Fall product launch.

Interestingly, iMore’s report indicates that a new iPhone may not be the only focus of the event. According to their sources, Apple may also use the September 12th event to announce the oft-rumoured 7.85 inch “iPad mini” as well as a new iPod nano, though this is unconfirmed.

We have reached out to our own sources, but with so many reputable sites confirming the date, we’re all but certain a September 12th event is in the cards. All we need now is confirmation from Apple, which history suggests should come the week of September 2nd.

Source: iMore