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Galaxy Nexus sales ban temporarily lifted pending decision from Court of Appeals

Samsung and Apple’s insane game of legal ping pong continues tonight, as the sales ban imposed against the Galaxy Nexus earlier this week has now been temporarily lifted.

Nilay Patel over at The Verge reports that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has suspended the ban at Samsung’s request until Apple can issue a “formal response”. Once Apple has a chance to respond to Samsung’s appeal, the court will decide whether or not the Galaxy Nexus should remain banned for the duration of the patent litigation. Regardless, Samsung and Google finally have something to celebrate.

The sales ban against the Galaxy Nexus officially took effect a few days ago, and shortly after the phone disappeared from Google’s Play Store. However, Google has already stated that the Galaxy Nexus will resume shipping from Google Play next week, preloaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a patch intended to workaround the Apple patent that started this whole mess.