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Google preparing software patch for Galaxy Nexus as judge rules not to lift sales ban

Image Credit: Phandroid

In another late-night ruling, Judge Lucy Koh has denied Samsung’s request to lift the preliminary injunction issued against the Galaxy Nexus late last week. According to The Verge, Samsung filed a request to stay the sales ban immediately after Friday’s ruling, in hopes that the phone could remain on store shelves until a final judgement can be made in court. Unfortunately, tonight’s ruling means that won’t be the case for the time being, and it is now up to Apple to pay the $96 million bond required for the injunction – and sales ban – to take effect.

As is to be expected, Google and Samsung aren’t taking this laying down. The preliminary injunction was issued due to Samsung’s alleged infringement of a specific Apple patent that covers universal search – U.S. Patent 8,086,604 to be exact. It appears that Google is working on a software patch that avoids infringing Apple’s patent, which will hopefully allow the Galaxy Nexus to remain on the market. AllThingsD reports that the patch is being fast tracked, and should roll out to all Galaxy Nexus phones soon. Google has also stated that Samsung will have their full support in appealing this injunction and seeking a reevaluation of the patent in question.

Sources: The Verge, AllThingsD


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