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Stop Complaining About Chrome for iOS, It’s The iPhone of Mobile Browsers

After wowing (Jelly Bean) and mystifying (Nexus Q) an audience of tech press and developers at the opening keynote of I/O yesterday, Google surprised some today by releasing Chrome — the browser beloved by 310 million people — for iOS. But what happened directly after the release was something that was even more surprising, and will go down in Google/Apple fanboy lore.

Apple fanboys (and some respected tech journalists as well) came out of the woodwork to bash Chrome for iOS, mainly for having lower SunSpider scores than that of Mobile Safari. Third–party browsers in iOS don’t get access to Nitro, the JavaScript engine that makes Mobile Safari speedy. Every argument (like this) came back to Chrome having ‘lower specs’ than Mobile Safari. Really? It’s funny to me that iPhone users are complaining about someone having lower specs. This is the same group of people who still don’t have 4G on their devices, and just got dual-core processors on their iPhones 8 months ago. If it’s all about specs, then the Huawei Ascend D Quad is the best phone on the market. Hmm? Oh, what? It’s not the best phone on the market? Oh, that’s right, specs don’t matter.

If you havent heard, specs are dead.

Dustin Curtis tweeted this last November (it was used in MG Siegler’s ‘specs are dead’ article), and it’s as relevant as ever today.

I’ve used Chrome on the iPhone and iPad, and it loads just as fast as Safari, and in some instances, a little faster. How is this possible? The SunSpider scores for Safari are higher!? Heck if I know, but my doctor said I have 20/20 vision, so I go by what my eyes tell me.

I can sync tabs with the desktop, all of my bookmarks are there (I use Chrome on the desktop), and it has a magical button called “request desktop site,” that Apple somehow hasn’t figured out how to implement yet. If your argument against Chrome for iOS is that it feels slower when you use it, or that you can’t make it your default browser on iOS, then that is a discussion that should be had. But if you are criticizing Chrome for having a low SunSpider score? Get rid of your iPhone and go pick up an HTC One X.

Note: And before you say I’m an Android fanboy, or that I hate Apple, I own and use a Mac, iPhone and iPad every day.

Today is one of those days I’m very glad we turned off commenting.


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