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Welcome to Current Editorials 3.0

Back in March, we launched a minor redesign of our website that we called Current Editorials 2.0. That update was aimed at making it easier for our users to discover content on our site, and to increase the amount of content we could display on our homepage. However, we soon realized that our homepage was cluttered with too much text, and that new posts would disappear once they were bumped out of the “Latest Post” spot.

Well, it turns out we should have called that redesign Current Editorials 1.5, because today we are proud to present the biggest change to Current Editorials since launch. Welcome to Current Editorials 3.0! Internally, we call this redesign “Oxygen”, named after the theme it is built on. Oxygen represents a complete rethinking of our website. A breath of fresh air.

So let’s take a look at what’s new in Current Editorials 3.0

First, and most importantly, is the all-new design; Current Editorials has never looked so good. We believe this new design provides some huge benefits to our readers, while giving our site a more serious, professional look.

For our readers, Oxygen keeps more of our content front-and-center on the homepage. We have a new Showcase that allows us to feature our latest editorials and biggest news stories. In addition, we now have a “River” of stories on the homepage so recent content will not disappear as quickly as it used to.

The left sidebar begins with “Hubs”, which gives our readers access to categorized news hubs. Below that is the Trending section, which highlights the most popular posts on our site. Readers will always find something of interest trending on our site! Next comes Must Reads, a collection of our best editorials that you won’t want to miss! Short Reads is a new addition to CE, which will soon be populated with short news stories or opinion pieces that you can read through in a flash! The Elsewhere widget includes a Follow button for our Twitter account, as well as badges to direct you to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Google+, subscribe to us on YouTube, or grab our RSS feed.

The right sidebar houses a bunch of new additions to our homepage. We now have a Tips button and page set up so our dedicated readers can send us news tips and insider scoops! In addition, we have added four new news widgets to the right sidebar. We envision CE as a one-stop hub for all of your news, so we have integrated the latest headlines from The New York Times, ShortFormBlog, The Hollywood Reporter, and ESPN on our homepage. This way, even if we haven’t posted anything new, you will always find new content on the CE homepage!

You may notice that we have disabled commenting on the new Current Editorials. After much internal debate, we decided to disable the commenting system, as it has become an unnecessary part of our site. Commenters are a very small fraction of our viewers, and dealing with the copious amounts of spam that we get has become an waste of time.

We know that our viewers would still like to converse about the articles we write, so we do encourage you to move that dialogue to Twitter. Our writer’s Twitter handles can be found on our about page, and they will gladly respond to your queries through tweets. If you feel the need to further express yourselves, our email addresses can also be found on our about page.

We hope you love Current Editorials 3.0 as much as we do. Take a look around, check out our recent work, and look forward to more great content coming your way soon!