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Alleged Xbox Surface Specs Leak, On Deck for Microsoft’s Event Tonight?

Tonight’s Microsoft event at Milk Studios just got a lot more interesting. According to a leaked document obtained by Shifted2u, Microsoft has a new tablet device called Xbox Surface. The Xbox Surface is a 7-inch tablet with a LED 1280 x 720 display, SD card slot, and a custom IBM engine. But the kicker — and it’s huge — is the stationary device that comes with the tablet, which reads like a next-generation Xbox. With two six-core IBM processors, a 250GB 10K rpm disk drive, 4 USB 3.0 ports (which can be used to expand storage), and video output up to 1440p, the stationary device looks to be a perfect match for Microsoft’s gaming future. obtained another document, marked as “provisionary,” corroborating the first document, with logos from IBM, AMD, and Texas Instruments, but the document does appear to be older than the first. It is highly unlikely that the Xbox Surface will be announced at today’s Microsoft event, as executives from Redmond have repeatedly stated that the next-generation Xbox will not debut this year, along with the fact that major gaming outlets were not invited to the event, but as with anything in technology, things can change, and quickly.

Update: Microsoft unveils Surface tablets