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25:43: This is How Long the Droid Razr MAXX Lasted in Real-World Usage

For the past few days — courtesy of Verizon — I have been using the Motorola Droid Razr MAXX, the smartphone with a talk time of 21.5 hours, as my main device. I am used to charging my phone during the day — which can be two or three times, as I use an iPhone 4S.  I decided to leave the charger at home and see how long I could go on a full charge with the Razr MAXX.

After tweeting, emailing, surfing the web, streaming music and video, placing multiple phone calls, and tethering to an iPhone and an iPad 2 for 30 minutes, the Razr MAXX lasted an astonishing 25 hours and 43 minutes. My 4S wouldn’t last this long if I charged it twice (usually starting at 6AM, the 4S needs to be charged by 4PM).

The problem is, no other phone comes even close to matching these numbers. This should not be a Retina Display situation, where it takes nearly two years for anyone to come even remotely close to matching the technology.

Hopefully the next wave of devices can match these numbers. I believe that the next iPhone will, and with smartphones growing in size like a teenage Shaquille O’Neal, companies like HTC and Samsung have an opportunity to catch and/or surpass Motorola.

The bigger question is, do companies like Samsung and HTC seriously care enough about battery life to make that leap, or will they just continue to make phones like Shaq is the sole member of their focus group?


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