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Interview: MetroTwit, the Best Windows Twitter Client Receives a Major Update

MetroTwit is as good as it gets when it comes to Twitter clients on Windows. Inspired by Microsoft’s Metro design, MetroTwit may be the most beautiful Twitter client ever made. Created by Long Zheng, Winston Pang, and David Golden, the team has unveiled their biggest update yet — MetroTwit 1.0 — with features like multi-account support and filtering that match those included in power clients like TweetDeck, while maintaining an elegant design unmatched by its competitors.

I have been using the newest version of MetroTwit for a few weeks, and it has quickly become my favorite desktop Twitter client. I spoke with Lead Developer David Golden last night about the new additions to MetroTwit, Windows 8, and the possibility of a Mac client.

MetroTwit is famous for its great design. Was it a struggle to add power features like multi-account support and filtering, while maintaining your sleek and lightweight design?

Yes, we spent a lot of time going over the design and trying a number of options before settling on the sidebar with account switching to keep a sleek user-friendly design.  We had users complete a survey on how they used multi-accounts on other Twitter apps and the problems they had, and worked to create a design to overcome issues with accidental posting, and confusion about which account they were using.

Speaking of other Twitter clients, where you making a conscious effort to bring in power features, or was it simply an overwhelming request from users?

Definitely both. We have planned for a long time to add a number of power features (with more to come), and our users were requesting a number of features on an almost daily basis. We’ve added the power features in a way to keep the app easy to use for the novice twitter user, while still allowing power users to get access to those features.

MetroTwit has grown in popularity substantially since we spoke last year. Has there been any more consideration into whether you will build a Mac client?

At the moment we’re still totally focused on the Windows platform. We are looking forward to Windows 8 and taking our Metro design to a Metro-styled App. That said, you never know what the future might hold.

Speaking of Windows 8, what are your thoughts on the new OS, and have you had any contact with Microsoft about working on your Metro App?

I’m really looking forward to Windows 8, I haven’t yet updated my original iPad, I’m waiting for Windows 8 tablets. We’re still in early stages of working on the MetroTwit Metro-style app, and are still learning some of the new WinRT features.

There are many major additions in MetroTwit 1.0, did everything you want to add make it in, and do you have any personal favorites?

There are always more features we wish we could have got in, we had some features that just didn’t make the cut for our timeframe like the Nest integration (@nestapps) and keyboard shortcuts. I’m a big fan of our new Undo Tweet and the Sidebar background feature.

With all of the additions, will MetroTwit become the only desktop Twitter client that I need?

We hope that the new version covers pretty much everything for a Twitter desktop client. There are always more great ideas to be added though (a lot of them suggested by our awesome users).

MetroTwit 1.0 is available now. Download it here.