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The Reason The Next iPhone Will Be Bigger? Battery Life

The biggest story coming out of SXSW is the utter destruction of battery life by Highlight. Farhad Manjoo believes the impending 4G smartphone overload will become a conundrum for smartphone makers, and MG Siegler says smartphone battery space needs to be disrupted.

Gruber doesn’t think it’s a “slam-dunk” that the next iPhone will receive LTE because of the impending battery problems.

Steve Wildstrom thinks the next iPhone shouldn’t have LTE.

This seems crazy to me. You too? I thought so.

I am pretty confident Apple will make sure the next iPhone will have equal, if not higher battery life than the 4S. Battery life issues in smartphones is not a new problem. They aren’t good now with 3G. And you can bet anyone who has any sort of solution to the problem has received a very large check, and a strongly worded non-disclosure contract from Cupertino.

As we already know, Apple is not shy about locking down components.

Apple is also not shy about blowing away the competition. It’s what, nearly three years after the iPhone 4 release, and only the Galaxy Nexus has come even close to matching Retina Display?

Apple will shoot for battery life surpassing the Droid RAZR MAXX, just to say “ the new iPhone — the best battery. Ever.” in commercials.

During battery tests run by TechCrunch, the RAZR MAXX lasted eight hours and fifteen minutes. Engadget ran test on the 4S, which lasted eight hours. Mind you, the RAZR MAXX uses LTE. If the new iPhone even has a chance to maintain, let alone raise its battery life with LTE on board, it will have to get bigger.

There are two things I don’t doubt about the new iPhone; the new iPhone will get a new design, and the battery life will be best-in-class. There is only one way to do this (hint: it’s not getting smaller).

A four-inch iPhone seems to be the size that everyone wants, and it also seems to be as high as Apple would contemplate going. It looks to be the perfect middle ground between the mammoth Android and Windows Phones (I swear they are just trying to make a tablet-phone), and the current iPhone.

What would surprise me is a resolution bump. I fully expect the next iPhone to maintain the 960 x 640 resolution. As we have already established, Apple will only double the resolution to avoid the fragmentation of apps. A 1920 x 1280 would be ridiculously tough to put in a LTE device without killing the battery life.

Or is Apple not telling us everything?