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iPad Launch Day is Here [Updated]

The day is finally here, the new iPad is available. The reviews are in, pre-orders will be delivered, and many will stand in line in 10 countries today to become some of the first consumers to get their hands on Apple’s newest tablet.

We will have coverage from the Apple Store, with new photos continuously updating throughout the day, so stay tuned to this page!

7:37 AM: Apple has split the line across the walkway of the mall. This is the front.

7:45 AM: the second half of the line. Around 80 people are in line today.

7:53 AM: New iPad display

8:00 AM: And it’s open!

The New iPad.

8:34 AM: The line at Best Buy. They do not open until 10 AM.

9:40 AM: Back at Apple, the line is finished.

10:05 AM: At Best Buy, the line has quickly progressed.

The New iPad


And we go Hands-on!