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Google Rebrands the Android Market: Say Hello to Google Play

The Verge reports that Google is relaunching the Android Market as Google Play. The rebrand comes as part of an effort to consolidate the company’s many content services, including the Android Market, Google Books, Google Music, and video offerings.

Google Play will replace the Android Market as the single source for all buyable content provided by Google. Despite the name change though, the Play Store (as it will be known on Android devices) will feel familiar to Android users, as it looks almost identical to the current Android Market. Those running Android 2.2 or later on their smartphone will see the Android Market replaced automatically “over the coming days”.

In addition, Google’s other content services will be rebranded to include the Play name: Google Play Books, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies. All of these content offerings will be accessible from the Play Store on Android devices or online.

Google is touting cloud capabilities as a major feature of the new Google Play Store. Purchases will be synced across devices, and purchased content such as books, music, and movies will also be accessible on your computer. It seems that Google is aiming to provide a more full-featured and seamless ecosystem for Android devices similar to what Apple provides with iTunes and iCloud.

You can check out Google Play online right now, and look for it to hit your Android phone or tablet soon.


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