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iPad 3 Exclusive: Available March 16th, 4G LTE, A5X Dual-Core, Same Price [Updated]

Rene Ritchie of iMore is reporting that the iPad 3 will come with 4G LTE. We reported the same thing last week, along with additional information from my sources which indicated that the new iPad will come with a 1.5GHz A5X dual-core processor, not a quad-core as rumored. We can also confirm a few more facts about the upcoming iPad.

We can exclusively state that the U.S. release date for the new iPad will be March 16th. Apple has an event scheduled on Wednesday to announce the new iPad.

According to my sources, the iPad pricing scale will stay the same, first reported by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac. There were rumors last week that the prices would be increased by $70 across the board. This is not the case.

Update: There are reports going around today from VentureBeat and CNET stating that the new iPad will be called the iPad HD, first reported by Joshua Topolsky of The Verge last July. My sources have not indicated whether this is true or not.


2 thoughts on “iPad 3 Exclusive: Available March 16th, 4G LTE, A5X Dual-Core, Same Price [Updated]

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  2. Shameer M. says:

    The Verge also reported that GPU in the iPad 3 (HD) will be much beefier. Have you heard anything on this. With this iPad having a Retina Display, GPU capability will be key.

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