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Current News: Only The Biggest, Only The Best

Micah Singleton founded Current Editorials last year with the goal of “bringing to light some of today’s most creative and intriguing tech writers”. So far, the sole focus of our site has been to publish timely, long-form editorial content of the highest quality. We believe that opinions matter, which is why we chose to launch Current Editorials with a focus on editorials.

But we have decided that it is time to start growing our site. We plan to do this by expanding our talented staff of editorial writers, and by starting to publish a new type of content: News. Current Editorials will begin publishing News on a semi-regular basis in an effort to grow our readership, and to keep our readers as well informed as they can be. If you visited yesterday, you have already been treated to our first two news stories.

However, I should note that Current Editorials is not a news site, nor are we becoming one; our main goal is still to publish high-quality, long-form technology editorials. Micah and I will be heading up our news coverage, which will focus on only the biggest, and only the best stories. Stories that are relevant and truly news-worthy.

We are very excited about the future of Current Editorials, and we look forward to continuing to bring you fantastic editorial content and news coverage!