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SOPA: A Word of Warning to Congress

Article first published as SOPA: A Word of Warning to Congress on Technorati.

Congress, you are playing with fire.

You are trying to control something — that you don’t even understand — that should not be controlled by any government.

You are attempting to pass a bill that will accomplish something that only you have been able to do — unite Democrats and Republicans against your asinine behavior.

Not to mention you are overlooking what could be your biggest mistake in attempting to pass this law — forgetting about your ‘Anonymous’ friends, who, when I spoke to them were not very happy about your recent endeavours.

Any bill that is compared to censorship laws in China and Iran, should not even be considered.

I won’t knock the concept, it is correct, people should not pirate movies and music, but the way you are attempting to fix it, will cause far more damage than the made-up $100 billion in losses the economy takes from IP theft — which is impossible to calculate.

The very people (or funders in the case of SOPA creator Lamar Smith, who has been getting consistent donations from tv/film/music industry over the last ten years) you are trying to protect — companies like Sony and Universal — have been caught pirating movies.

And if you think this bill will stop The Pirate Bay, your sadly mistaken. Congress has this amazing ability to overestimate its power. This isn’t something that you can just pepper spray. Oops.

Go back, learn about the Internet and how it works, and do something that you don’t normally do — think with your head, not with your pocket, and create a bill that won’t make Occupy more than just a nuisance.