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The Visionary: A man that changed the world

Thomas Edison. J.P. Morgan. Steve Jobs. These are people that changed the world dramatically for the better. Steve Jobs is undoubtedly in this group. Steve changed the way we think and communicate, much like Thomas Edison. As J.P Morgan saved the American dream twice, Steve has kept the perception of American innovation alive in the minds of millions. Steve created the biggest company in the world from a garage. Steve redefined and revitalized a crumbling music industry. Steve created an entire industry, that did not exist before 2009. In China, when asked about America, the first thing that children will mention is the iPhone. Not sports figures, not actors or actresses, the iPhone.

Steve changed the way we think. When you have a question that you need answered, you go to your phone. When you want to hear a song, you look it up on iTunes. And above all this, when you need to do anything, or use anything that revolves around a computer, Steve had a hand in it. The inventor of the personal computer, Steve Jobs permanently changed the entire world. The simplistic approach to all his endeavors, from bringing computers to consumers, to shrinking that computer to fit in your pocket, and allowing you to talk to the world. Steve is crucial to your life, whether you know it or not.

This is not a time to ponder the future of Apple. This is a time to reflect on a man who’s ease and elegance creating devices that we didn’t know we wanted or needed, is gone. Visionaries aren’t fully appreciated until they are gone. We will see and feel the affects that Steve had for years to come.  The brilliance of a man is realizing his gift, and using it for the better. Steve Jobs accomplished that to the fullest.


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