Dear readers,

It’s been a quiet few months here on CE: The Magazine, as we have become busy with other projects.

Micah became a contributor to The Daily Dot, garnering high praise for his work there – specifically this great piece examining the Apple + Beats acquisition. Micah is now a senior writer at The Daily Dot, where we know he’ll go on to write more amazing things, undermine the Editor-in-Chief, and eventually consolidate power.

As for Eric, with Micah moving over to The Daily Dot, he taken over as Editor-in-Chief of CE: The Magazine. However, Eric too has become busy working on other things. He is working a full-time job, writing a new tech blog called 27round, and continuing to co-host The Segue alongside Micah.

So we have decided that it’s time for CE: The Magazine to go on indefinite hiatus. We may revive this site someday in the future, or perhaps we will never return. Either way, we speak for our entire tiny staff and numerous contributors when we say we are so grateful to everyone for reading CE over the last three years. We’ve had many great times writing this site — and breaking some big news stories — that have helped us all grow as writers.

We’ve compiled a collection of our “greatest hits” below for you to peruse at your leisure. Some of our biggest and best editorials and news stories from the last few years.

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Round Two: Apple’s October Event

Bound to a Tainted Public Perception

Evomail+ for iPhone arrives as a rebuilt, redesigned email client for iOS 7

For now, you can follow Micah and Eric on Twitter as we embark on new, exciting adventures.

Thank you for reading.

Eric Leamen, Editor-in-Chief, CE: The Magazine

Micah Singleton, Editor Emeritus, CE: The Magazine